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the hertfordshire wedding photographer challenges your preconceptions

We’re often told by potential clients that they don’t come out well in photos. That they’re not “photogenic”. Who’s telling them this? Let’s just imagine that you’d only every seen red tomatoes. You’d probably believe all tomatoes are red, right? Similarly, if you’ve only ever seen photos of yourself not looking great, you’d be misguided into believing that you don’t look great in photos. QED.

We’ve found that it’s rarely true to say that people doesn’t look good in photos. Rather that they just haven’t found the right photographer. Photographers who can get them to relax and be themselves in front of the camera. Photographer who can light them well. Or use the ambient light to make them look good.

photography meets artwork

We understand that you love photography that transcends mere “snaps”. You want artwork that’s special. Imagery that you won’t find elsewhere. Architecture and nature are the canvas for our artwork, blended with the brush strokes in the styles of the old masters, which we work with you to create artwork with the X factor. You love the finer things in life. Like our high quality, innovative products, including metal-based prints, we’ll have something that will suit your desires.

the personal touch

Everyone’s different. And not everyone takes to being in photos like a duck to water. We’ve got your back, and we will do our best to make you feel a comfortable as possible with the experience. And to get the best results together.

creative wedding photographers that exceed your expectations

Great service is about about delivering an experience that’s memorable in all the right ways. We want you to be so happy with what we’ve done for you that you’ll be recommending us to your family and friends.  Find out more about creative wedding photography.

Hertfordshire wedding photographer Alex Saville is a member of SWPP and SISEP, two of the member organisations belonging to the Societies.

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