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what is alex saville photography, why does it exist, and who is professional photographer alex saville?

There are alot of photographers out there. Almost everyone you know owns a digital camera, in the form of their phone. You’ve probably got a dozen friends who own more advanced cameras. The amount of professional photographers offering digital photographs on a CD or USB stick – well, you probably can’t swing a cat without hitting one (not that we’d advocate that!). That’s like going for a meal out, being given the ingredients and told to make it yourself. Well, we know that you don’t have time to waste on doing what should be someone else’s job.

Then, there are the other photographers who have been on the scene for years, and are still turning out the same style of photographs. Good, workman-like photography. Perfect for someone who’s willing to settle for “good enough”.

Surely there’s got to be something a bit more creative?

alex saville photography was built on these important ideals

professional photography that brings art and memories together

You love wall art. You grew up with wall art decorating your parents’ home. Lovely beautiful images of you and your loved ones. Or you wish you had.

Because your family is important to you. You love spending time with them. And you know that in years to come, images of those magical moments will bring a smile to your face, every time.

And all those memories are more than just moments. There’s a story. They say a picture tells a 1000 words. But it’s more than that. It about the feelings pictures evoke. We’re not just people of words, of images. We’re people of emotion.

Bringing all that you love together seems only natural to you. And to us.

Alex Saville Photography is about more than photography. It’s art, it’s stories. And emotions.

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about alex saville

Alex Saville has enjoyed photography for over 30 years. He has worked full time as a professional photographer since starting Alex Saville Photography in December 2010.

Alex is married to his lovely wife (who doesn’t like the word “lovely”). He is stepfather to her two gorgeous, charming children. In his spare time, Alex enjoys music, and messing around with computers. Alex is a fan of the written word, and of lifelong learning. He’d love to write a book some day – a story documenting the people in his life and himself.

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