local creative bar mitzvah photographers in hertfordshire

(and bat mitzvah too!)

not your parents’ choice of bar mitzvah photographer

We’d love to know all about the things that make you and your child or children special. What are the special things that you love together. What are the special things they love doing when they’re on their own, that you enjoy seeing them do? Bringing that into what we can do for you – that’s part of what makes us special as local creative bat mitzvah and bar mitzvah photographers in Hertfordshire.

we’re not for everyone

We’ve got to be upfront here. If you’re after a photographer who hands over a disc of images and leaves it up to you, we’re not going to be right for you. You wouldn’t expect to be served up raw ingredients at the barmitzvah party. Even if you were the world’s best chef. You’ve got better things to do!

We believe in offering a full service. Our images are meant to be seen. That means we take pride in producing albums that are heirlooms. So our Barmitzvah albums are in line with our wedding albums. And the materials our prints are made from are of the high quality you would expect from us.

local creative portrait photography meets barmitzvah photography

Just as our wedding and portrait photography is about creative artwork, so is our Barmitzvah photography. We’ve turned this into a true celebration of your child’s coming of age. A barmitzvah rehearsal session. A creative portrait session at the celebration venue. Coverage of the party itself. Plus we’ll also top that off with options such as a more relaxed creative portrait session before or after the main event.

And our creativity doesn’t just stop with taking the photographs. We’ll work on your photos, staying true to them while adding a style that makes them truly something unforgettable.

innovative artwork for your home

We don’t stop there, either. Everyone is different, and we’ve never seen two of our clients’ homes look the same. We recognise that choosing the right artwork and the right products for your home is not the easiest thing to do. So we’re here to help you. That’s why we’re here, after all.

Contact us to ask us more about creative bar mitzvah photography in Hertfordshire.

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