local creative party photographers in hertfordshire

You love parties, we love your parties

As we live our lives, there are those milestones along the way which are worth celebrating. The birthdays, the anniversaries, the other special occasions like New Year’s Eve. Or for some, there’s no greater reason than not having had a party for a while. If it’s worth celebrating, it’s worth remembering. It’s worth photographing. And those photographs deserve to be presented and displayed. If the wedding albums and photos are the heirlooms, the crowns, then these are the gems. And your gems deserve the local creative party photographers in Hertfordshire, Alex Saville Photography,

We recognise that there’s a huge difference between a birthday party and a wedding – for most of us at least. So we offer a wider range of packages. Core to these is the innovative Smart Phone Album, but all packages come with an album – from a memento to the equivalent of our wedding and Bar Mitzvah albums – and more.

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