Alex Saville Photography are running a free portrait session giveaway prizedraw. Get your entry in before the end of May to have a chance to win.

free portrait session giveaway prizedraw

So what is the free portrait session giveaway prizedraw all about?

To one lucky winner, we’ll be offering a free photo session. To use how you want to. So whether it’s for yourself, for your family, or anyone else you’d like to include – you call the shots. And it doesn’t cost anything to enter the prize draw.

But I’m not a model…

Most of our clients aren’t. We’re there to help direct you and get the best out of you.

Sounds fun – so tell me more, so tell me more about the free portrait session.

Alex Saville Photography specialises in location based portraiture, producing artwork of a high standard. By working on location, we can make your photo shoot truly unique to you.

What, you mean to say that you’ve never shot in the same place twice?

As it happens, we’ve never taken portraits in the same location twice – it’s something we’ve tried to avoid. Obviously if you really like one of the locations we’ve photographed, and really want us to use the same one, then we’ll use that location.

I really like (fill in your favourite hobby) – can you include something to do with that?

Absolutely. In fact, that’s something we always try to encourage. It’s so much more personal when portraits reflect the family’s or individual’s interests. And it makes portraits more interesting too. Just let us know what you like. Similarly, if you’ve got your own ideas, share them with us, and we can work on them together.

Where would the free portrait session take place?

Because we’re based in Hertfordshire, that’s where the session would take place. We keep an eye out for interesting locations, and there’s plenty of suitable places there.

Ok, so how do I enter this free portrait session giveaway prizedraw?

All you need to do is enter your name and email, and they’ll get put into our prize draw, which will close at the end of May. The winner will then be chosen completely at random. We’ll announce the winner and make their name available within 28 days.

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