The Revolutionary Guest App Range

Everything your guests need to know, in one App.

Do you have a Wedding, Bar / Bat Mitzvah or Party coming up?

The Guest App range is the exciting new range of web apps that your guests deserve.

With the personalised Guest App installed on their phones, they'll have all the information they need to prepare for and get to your special event, in a place they'll keep with them - their phone.

  • Where to go.
  • When to be there.
  • What to wear.
  • Works with Apple and Google Maps
  • Got a Gift List?
  • RSVP buttons work with your phone and email.
  • And more!

Be the perfect host at your special event - give your guests the Guest App.

"We hadn't seen nothing like it before, so we was a bit sceptical. But sending out Wedding Guest Apps to our guests was really helpful, they said it was really thoughtful of us. Most of them got iPhones and the other ones, and having the invitation stuff on their phones really helped, 'cos it uses the maps."

Jane and Ian, Watford

"I have a complaint to make. I was invited to a wedding that I didn't want to go to. Now, normally, when that sort of thing happens, I'll say something like, 'I got half way there, then realised I'd left the invitation at home, which had the addresses on.' But I couldn't use that excuse. Why not, you may ask? Because they'd sent us all the Wedding Guest App that you made for them to put on our phones. I mean, they were never going to believe me if I said I went out without my phone, would they?! So I had to go. Grrr! It's all your fault!"

Mr Grumpy, of Harpenden

Tell your guests where to go

Whether it's a wedding, Bar Mitzvah or any other celebration, there are some things your guests will always need to know. Where they need to be, and when. How to get there. What to wear. Got a gift list? Include a web link to send your guests to it.By giving them the appropriate Guest App, they'll have it all in one place they'll be sure to carry with them - their phone.

Better than using social media

Social media's great until you hit somewhere with no signal. But the Guest App Range? Not so. You'll still be able to see where all the information on the app! So you'll know where you need to get to, and when, wherever you are.