Your Smart Phone Album, your photos

Why you’ll love your Smart Phone album

You love showing your friends and family your photographs. You especially love showing them your photographs when they’re artwork.
But while you love the look and feel of an heirloom-quality photo album, let’s be practical.

You can’t take your wedding album everywhere you go.

So what’s the next best option?
You can use Facebook, Flickr, or some other social media site, can’t you? That’s what everyone else does, after all.

Picture the scene, familiar to most.

You’re out with your friends. “Ooh, let me show you our wedding photos!” you say. You get out your smart phone, or maybe your tablet. You tap on Facebook. You realise that you can’t get reception, and there’s no Wifi.

Or, you do get reception. You navigate your way, hunting page by page, to find the photos you want. You’ve been there, we’ve all been there. Painful, right?

Or how about this?

You have the photos on your smartphone, till they have to get cleared out because the phone’s out of space. Or you want to share them with a distant friend, but they aren’t on Facebook.


Or you have a smartphone album.

iPhone screen showing an icon. The icon is that of a smartphone album, showing a customised image of a bride and groom on their wedding day. Typically, the icon would be a picture of the client or clients.

What is a smartphone album?

Your own icon on your smartphone, with your own picture.

Tapping on it, and seeing your wedding photos on the screen.

Being able to share them with friend at the touch of a few buttons.

Yours to show off to your friends one by one, or in a slideshow.
Or post to Facebook or other social media site.
And once you’ve installed it, there’s no need for an internet connection.

No need to imagine.

Smartphone albums are just one of the innovative and helpful products that we include as part of our packages, as well as a la carte.

Installing and using your Smart Phone Album

To help you, we’ve put together a PDF guide for you to follow.

Are you reading this on your smartphone or tablet? Install and play with some of our sample Smart Phone Albums.

Download, install and play with a sample Smart Phone Album

Portraits SampleButton to open the smartphone album for the portrait example.
This is a Smart Phone App that uses our new supplier service. It includes the ability to download photos, as well as cosmetic tweaks. And best of all, you’re benefitting from the improvements at no extra cost.
Button to open the smartphone album for the wedding example.Weddings Sample
This is a Smart Phone App that used our original supplier service. The appearance is slightly different and it was not possible to download photos. The fundamental process of installing the Smart Phone App has not changed.

Your guide to installing and using your Smart Phone Album

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